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Torchwood !Spoilers!

So only 13 more days to go until Torchwood s02e01 is officially going to be aired on BBC2 in the UK... and the anticipation is killing everybody... not literally mind you but it's getting close. lol.

To pass the time doing something productive I took the liberty of surfing the net and collecting a few interesting spoilers for the whole of season2. And when I say interesting I mean with focus in the whole Jack/Ianto business... I pasted them together and will post them here. 

It's up to you if you want to read them or not, just please keep in mind that nothing originally comes from me, so the real credit goes to other people. I'm just giving a spoilerish overview if that makes any sense at all.

So this is an interview with Eve Myles and I don’t care much for the content… After you’ve read it, you’ll understand… I prefere to live in denial if that particular point should be true. 


GDL has said in an interview that Ianto is "Bisexual for his own reasons."

More stuff from Digital Spy:

1. James Marsters guests in the first episode as Captain John Hart, a fellow time agent who has "history" with Captain Jack.

2. The pair actually enjoyed a relationship, which lasted two weeks or five years, depending on which of them you ask. But both accounts are technically accurate.

3. Captain John wears a very special kind of lip gloss.

4. Eve has got engaged to dopey boyfriend Rhys in Captain Jack's absence, with their wedding set for midway through the series. I hear vampires may be among the uninvited guests...

5. Tonally the show seems very different this year. There's a lot of humour in the first episode, mostly surrounding Captain John (there are great similarities with Spike in this respect), but even Toshiko gets to crack the odd one-liner.

6. Captain Jack is looking to rekindle his relationship with Ianto. Apparently this will be a slow-burner throughout series two.

7. Despite this, Captain Jack is still playing the field. Expect lots of snogging with Captain John in episode one.

8. There are three rules for dealing with Captain John: don't believe anything he says, always keep him in front of you and under no circumstances, let him kiss you.

9. The Time Agency has been shut down.

10. There is a final minute revelation for Captain Jack that will play a part in the "humongous climax" to series two.

nice commentary on the first ep.

well it does sound a bit exaggerated but well…lol… I mean the first half of the article, but take a look for yourself *smile*

And here smth every fangirl is going to look forward too *wink*  

A quote from John at the TCA:
"One thing I can tell you is that James Marsters who was Spike on Buffy is on one of the episodes of Torchwood and the scene where we meet, all I'll say in blunt terms -- in John Barrowman and Captain Jack terms -- for all of the sci-fi fans out there, it's going to be a scene of extreme excitement you're going to have to go and finish yourselves off afterward because it's so wonderful and horny and sexy and wild."



lasted two weeks or five years, depending on which of them you ask lol

Humour! =] Vampires!! =D Captain Jack is looking to rekindle his relationship with Ianto. *eeeee*

always keep him in front of you and under no circumstances, let him kiss you XD

humongous climax *bounces* OMGYAY

*reads last quote* ......... oh my
glad you liked the spoilers I could find on the net :)

*reads last quote* ......... oh my

I know *exactly* what you mean... I can't wait to see that scene... and whether JB's right lol
Thanks for posting the spoilers! I about fell out of my chair when I read them. I haven't really read any spoilers so these were all a shock!!

I hope it was a good shock at least?

*looks worried*
Oh it was! Then I passed them on to my friend and she freaked out (in a good way)!! It's good all around!

I'm now just too excited for season 2 and I don't know if I can control myself for much longer!!!
puh... then I'm glad :)

I'm now just too excited for season 2 and I don't know if I can control myself for much longer!!!

welcome to my I can't wait fro january 16th... well more like january 17th since I don't live in the UK and I'll have to wait until I find the download somewhere... but I'm optimistic *smile*
That is also the same with me.. I live in the US... downloads!!!

I know that BBC America will edit the episodes, and I just can't have that! I watched the first season by downloading it from the UK and I will this one also!
Oh yeah... well I don't mean offence but living in the US can suck big time when it comes to the editing of shows... when it comes to Torchwood, were there many?
I don't take offense to it. I agree with you 100 percent!

I didn't exactly keep track and what not.. But there were many... including the bleeping of certain words... it was really bad!

And, like I explained to my friend who also watches Torchwood, but just on BBC America, that is why I download the episodes from the UK!
But there were many... including the bleeping of certain words... it was really bad!

they bleep out the (swear) words? *stares* on a TV show? *stares some more* ... wow... I thought they only do that on talk shows and the like... that is horrible... I mean Torchwood is made for adults and older teenagers... so theoratically in America adults and older teenager should be able to watch the normal version...

well it's the US... I mean I love the country and the people (the one's I've met that is) but when it comes to TV... thanks, but no

They will air some words, but bleep out f***. I sometimes wonder about the they can't show on American TV. I mean, come on it's sad really.
oh you're definitely right there.. I mean just because somebody says f*** on TV it#s not gonna be the end of the world or anything like that. That's one thing I've never understood about the States... and how they could vote for Bush but that's a different story all together... lol

How long have you watched Torchwood now?

I wonder all the time how people voted for Bush, not once but twice!

I've watched Torchwood for about a year! I started downloading the episodes from the UK at the end of November 2006 and watched the rest of series 1. Then I watched series 1 when BBC America aired it recently. I'm not so patiently waiting for the DVDs to be released January 22... Yikes! I can't wait that long!
you really have a point there...

Wow... so now you're like waiting more than a year for series2... that's amazing... I would go mad, seriously. I got into Torchwood only two weeks tops ago and the waiting is driving e crazy already. *shakes head* I am really so looking forward to that scene with Jack and John. I mean developing the Janto-business and having that scene can't be all that healthy for Ianto's self esteem... but we'll see.

The dvd release you're talking about.. is that the one in America or in the UK?
I have slowly been going out of my mind...

The scene between Jack and John... I might die!!! It's going to be so good! And the scene with Jack and Ianto! Is it January 16 yet??

The dvd release I'm waiting for is the US release. They come out January 22... I can't pick them up until the 25, when I get paid, but it will be worth the wait!
poor you :( *pets*

Me too... When I read the interview I was like 'OMG how much more explicit can you get?' but I'm really looking forward to the scene... I mean x-rated boyxboy action on normal TV? That's like... well the apocalypse but in a good
Sorry to disappoint but where I live it saturday the 5th, 0.50am lol... only 11 more day to go... isn't that just fantastic?lol

Yeah i see... i actually wanted to order the DVDs from the UK coz they've supposedly got more extras on it and stuff... but well, I've got some other thing I've got to take care of first before spending money on TW-Dvds even if it pains me to say that :/
And the xrated boyxboy action is why i'm downloading it!!

It's still the 4th here.. damn...

For me to get the DVDs from the UK, I would have to get a different DVD player... So I'm just sticking with the US ones... but I hear that there is 15 hours of extra footage! so We shall see!
welcome to the club then ;)

Well that's the catch with living in a different time zone... the UK and where I live are only one hour apart... for you I guess there's gotta be some more I take it.

Yaeh I understand... I keep frogetting things like I don't really have to worry about that since I don't have a dvd-player, I watch all the stuff I buy on dvd on my laptop... I've got a pretty large screen so that's cool :) 15h of extra footage... OMG I gotta have it... *frantic*